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Because your heating solution directly impacts your energy expenses, we offer some of the best heating services to keep you from overpaying on your energy bills.



We provide budget ventilation services for your home, commercial, or industrial setting to keep the environment fresh, clean, and free of toxins.



Save energy by scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance we offer to maximise cooling, energy efficiency, and the life of your air conditioner.

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Any services you require, and in whatever setting, we will always be available to assist you with your appliances to extend their life and save energy on your next utility bill. Book our services right away for first-rate solutions and efficient running appliances!

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We have a brand name that has been in the industry for years and has always provided the most outstanding industrial and commercial services. We provide high-quality repair and installation services at reasonable prices. Reach out to us to get the best services at affordable rates.
As the business owner, I am responsible for ensuring that all machines are in good working order. E Trade Counter has genuinely helped me by regularly visiting and servicing the machines to enable them to become more efficient.
Kristen K. Johnson
I would strongly recommend that anyone looking for frequent domestic appliance maintenance use their services. Their services are regular, and they perform routine maintenance on the appliances I own, which helps me save a large amount of money on my energy bills.
Clarence D. Anderson
It is pretty tough to keep track of every air conditioner in our office. E Trade Counter schedules their services and checkups regularly, which immensely saves me time and effort while keeping the ACs in good condition.
Megan D. Nolasco

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Five Tips to Reduce Your Business Electricity Bill

Small business owners know that saving money is no easy feat. In order to keep expenses at a minimum, many business owners must make tough decisions about what to cut and what to keep. Reducing business electricity costs is often a top priority. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can start reducing your business electricity bill right away.

Here are five useful tips:

Track All of Your Business Electricity Use

The best way to reduce your business electricity bill is to know what you’re using and when. This means having an accurate electricity bill tracking system in place. To keep track of your business electricity use, you’ll need to keep a careful eye on your monthly electricity bill. You’ll also need to keep track of how much electricity is used in each department throughout the course of the month. This will allow you to identify where and when significant electricity usage is happening.

Turn off the Standby Power

Another way to reduce your business electricity bill is to turn off the standby power. This is the power that is used when an electrical appliance is not in use. By switching off the standby power, you will help to decrease your business electricity bill by approximately 10%. Here are a couple of ways to accomplish this:

Unplug devices when you’re not using them – one of the easiest ways to reduce your business electricity bill is to unplug unnecessary devices when you’re not using them. If you happen to be missing one device, you can easily turn it back on again.

Close doors and vents when you’re not using the air conditioning or heating system – the same goes for your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. When the system is not in use, you are wasting electricity by keeping the system turned on.

Try to Reduce Your Business Electricity Usage

One of the best ways to reduce your business electricity bill is to reduce your business electricity usage. The first step is to determine how much electricity your business uses each month. Once you have that information, you can start looking for ways to decrease your business electricity bill. Here are a couple of tips:

Close unnecessary doors and vents – once again, this is an easy way to reduce your business electricity bill. By closing unused doors and vents, you will prevent your HVAC system from running non-stop and wasting electricity.

Turn off lights when you’re not using them – this may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many lights are left on when no one is in a room. By turning them off when you’re done with them, you will prevent your lights from unnecessarily wasting electricity.

Be Smart about Your Business Electricity Use

While it is important to reduce your business electricity usage, you also want to be smart about it. This means being efficient with your electricity use and using the proper appliances for the job. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Only use the appliances you need – this is one of the most important steps towards reducing your business electricity bill. You need to determine what appliances are essential for your business and which ones can be replaced with less-used alternatives.

Plug appliances into GFCIs – Ground fault circuit interrupters are a great way to protect your appliances and save on your business electricity bill. A GFCI will shut down the electricity to outlets that are not being used. This protects your appliances and prevents costly damage.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of ways that you can reduce your business electricity bill. By keeping track of your electricity use, turning off the standby power, and being efficient with your electricity use, you can significantly lower your business electricity bill.

However, these tips only go so far. The best way to reduce your business electricity bill is to work with a professional such as Utility Saving Expert who can help you identify ways to reduce your business electricity use that go beyond the basics.

Why HVAC Maintenance Is a Great Concern These Days?

HVAC Maintenance

Having an HVAC unit like an air conditioner or blower in our homes or offices is a matter of pride we can boast about. But do we all attend to its maintenance which is also an equal responsibility? Of course, we all just install the system once and leave it unattended until damage looms in. If you didn’t ponder the need for maintenance, here are some perfect reasons to start planning today.

It works miracles on improving the air quality

The EPA reports that indoor degrees of airborne toxins might be ten times higher than outside levels. It is especially huge on the off chance that you or any other members experience the ill effects of respiratory issues like asthma.

However, we don’t know about it every day that we share our homes with an array of unwanted bacteria and germs. These normal indoor allergens range from standard dust that can contain many respiratory issues to pet dander, dust bugs, tobacco smoke, dust, etc.

Air Quality

Assuming a smelly scent has you worried about your AC or blower; it could be an ideal opportunity to consider having the air pipes expertly cleaned. Thus, preventive maintenance guarantees that the warm or cold air through your vents is as spotless and very much clean as it could be expected.

Extend your HVAC framework’s life

Regular support will ensure the long life of your present HVAC framework, putting off expensive framework repairing costs. Similar to how you deal with your wellbeing, the same should be the attention to the HVAC facility installed. Thus, if you want to have your HVAC framework serve you perfectly for a long time, customary support can guarantee you the span.

Reduce your electric bill charges 

Reducing consumption and billing is one of the principal reasons why one should maintain and keep up with their HVAC unit. An HVAC unit that is running productively indicates less cash spent on power, warming, and cooling costs.

warming, and cooling

Central air maintenance is thus vital to forestall the need for major fixes or replacement of the mechanical parts. With a smart operating system, clean vents, efficient mechanism, you can nearly use a single unit for up to 25 years without any failures.

Ensure healthy surroundings too!

If you are worried about your role in saving the green environment, it should be a great relief to know that a well-maintained HVAC framework consumes impressively less fuel and emits no major toxins.

Such owners will likewise be eager to know about what sort of refrigerant is utilized in their framework, as the EPA has been deliberately attempting to eliminate substances that pollute the climate. Central air specialists dealing with controlled refrigerants are expected to have EPA Section 608 Certification, and they can assist you with understanding what sort of refrigerant you’re utilizing and its effect on the climate.

Your HVAC worker for hire can likewise talk with you about the advantages of utilizing a programmable indoor regulator or changing from oil to gas so you can take to lessen your unit’s effect on the climate.