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Dimplex QXD Quartz Radiant Heater

 Dimplex QXD Quartz Radiant Heater

Energy efficient heaters that dont waste heat into the air, but heat the people or objects in front of them for cost effective heating.

Product Code: QXD1500

Shipping: £8.40 inc vat to UK mainland
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Price:£202.88 inc vat
£169.07 ex vat
The Dimplex QXD Quartz Radiant Heaters are wall mountable only, supplied with a universal bracket as standard.

 Input Loading
 no. of Lamps
 Electrical Supply
 Weight  Min Height 
Recommended Height
 QXD1500  1.5kW  1  230-240V~1PN  3.7kg  2.1m  2.5m
 QXD3000  3.0kW  2  230-240V~1PN  4.3kg  2.5m  3.5m
 QXD4500  4.5kW  3  230-240V~1PN  5.8kg  3.0m  4.0m

  • Energy efficient heaters that waste no heat directly into the air, but heat people or objects for cost effective heating.
  • Allows high heat-loss buildings to be heated cost effectively.
  • Optional passive infra-red switch.
  • Instant heat – no waiting around or pre-heating needed.
  • Highly efficient – by heating people and not the air around them, heating within larger, higher heat loss buildings is possible.
  • Low running costs – heats only the area that needs heating, not the whole building.
  • Silent operation.
  • The range has compact dimensions, universal bracket and a ruby lamp to provide a warm red glow.


QXD1500: Height: 356mm Length: 440mm
QXD3000: Height: 380mm Length: 440mm
QXD4500: Height: 506mm Length: 440mm

Product Code:  QXD1500

Dimplex QXD Quartz Radiant Heater 1.5kW

MPN: 1.5kW
Price:£202.88 inc vat
Buy the Dimplex 1.5kW QXD Quartz Radiant Heater  Add to Cart
Product Code:  QXD3000

Dimplex QXD Quartz Radiant Heater 3.0kW

MPN: 3.0kW
Price:£326.76 inc vat
Buy the Dimplex 3.0kW QXD Quartz Radiant Heater  Add to Cart
Product Code:  QXD4500

Dimplex QXD Quartz Radiant Heater 4.5kW

MPN: 4.5kW
Price:£452.12 inc vat
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Product Spares Available

QX8900 - OEM 1.5kW Quartz Lamp£111.44 inc vat

64241530 - Compatible 1.5kW Quartz Lamp£67.20 inc vat

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