Cut energy bills 'by engaging with the energy market'

Cut energy bills 'by engaging with the energy market'

22nd February 2012

Homeowners who have installed electric radiators in their properties in order to save money might be wondering what else they can do to cut energy bills in the wake of the recent cold snap.

According to industry regulator Ofgem, consumers can find ways to reduce their utility payments if they become actively engaged in the energy market.

A spokeswoman for the watchdog commented: "Ofgem understands that many find this difficult and since 2008, Ofgem and Citizens Advice Bureau have been giving practical advice in face-to-face sessions in local communities, concentrating on low income consumers and front line staff who work with people at risk of fuel poverty."

She added that other initiatives, such as Energy Best Deal, offer practical information about how to manage bills via energy efficiency and how to access grants to install insulation and central heating, which will also go some way to slashing household bills.

"Consumers can get more advice and guidance online, including helpful videos and find out where their nearest advice session is," the representative added.

Meanwhile, the Irish Independent has been advising its readers on how to speculate to accumulate in terms of lowering electricity bills.

The newspaper recommended investing in a radiator panel that fits behind the heating unit and reflects heat back into the room, "so that you're not paying for the heat to go out the wall". This could save between eight and 15 per cent in energy, or up to £126 per year, according to the publication.

Further suggestions included drawing the curtains at dusk to prevent heat from escaping through windows, closing the door and turning off lights when exiting a room and switching off appliances rather than leaving them on standby when not in use, as this "will save up to 20 per cent on energy use", the publication claimed.

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