'Big Freeze' costing British households £1.6bn

'Big Freeze' costing British households £1.6bn

20th February 2012

Stocking up on Slankets, hot chocolate and heavy-duty snow boots - a cold weather snap can be costly for many British homes.

But according to findings revealed this week, the recent 'Big Freeze' has cost British households an additional £1.6 billion on top of their annual energy bills.

With over a third (38 per cent) of British consumers expressing concern over whether or not they can afford fuel bills following the February cold snap, installing efficient, affordable heating solutions such as Dimplex panel heaters is vital for many homeowners.

"Many of us have upped the use of our heating over the past few weeks to cope with the bitterly cold temperatures and snow," said MoneySupermarket's energy manager Scott Byrom.

"In addition, with the expensive Christmas period only just behind us, a quarterly energy bill could be landing on the doorstep in the next few weeks which could be anywhere between £500 and £600, leaving many cash-strapped energy customers struggling to find the money to cover it."

With almost a fifth (18 per cent) of respondents leaving their heating on constantly throughout the cold snap and a further 20 per cent using their heating more than usual due to recent weather, efficient solutions such as electric radiators could offer householders significant savings on their annual fuel bills.

According to a recent report by energy comparison website uSwitch.com, UK households waste £6 billion heating inefficiently insulated and heated homes.

And ensuring the heating systems in your home are as energy efficient and up-to-date as possible will insure against further price hikes from energy suppliers.

"Bill payers really need to take action to ensure they don't continue to pay more than is necessary for the energy they use," said Mr Byrom. "Making your home as energy efficient as possible will also go a long way to cutting the cost of your bills during the rest of the year."

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