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£1,166.83 inc vat to £2,145.10 inc vat
Provides instant hot or hot and chilled water, an ideal solution for delivering water for drinks and snacks in busy environments such as hospitals, surgeries and clinics.
Cygnet Manual Fill Catering Urn
£86.63 inc vat to £105.53 inc vat
3kW manual fill electric water boiler, thermostat control, carry handles and non-drip tap.
Zip Econoboil Wall Mounted Instant Boiling Water
£515.88 inc vat to £627.12 inc vat
An over-sink instant boiling water system ideal for temporary buildings and short term tenancies.
Swan Hot Water Catering Urn
£57.72 inc vat to £89.84 inc vat
Constructed to a very high standard, these catering urns will provide many years of service. Available in a range of capacities from 8 to 26 Litres.
Zip Hydroboil Plus Wall Mounted Water Boiler
£844.51 inc vat to £1,147.64 inc vat
Perfect for instant boiling water, wall mounted for space saving. Ideal for Offices and catering environments. FREE SHIPPING
Zip Hydroboil Wall Mounted Instant Water Boiler
£575.90 inc vat to £2,287.08 inc vat
Perfect for catering or busy office environments, complete with a classic tap for maximum functionality. FREE SHIPPING
Zip HydroTap G4 Commercial
£2,036.70 inc vat to £4,748.58 inc vat
Only Zip G4 HydroTap provides Sparkling plus Boiling and Chilled filtered drinking water on tap. The whole family will enjoy the instant convenience of filtered drinking water any way they prefer it.
Zip HydroTap G4 Industrial Side Touch
£3,409.30 inc vat to £4,057.06 inc vat
The HydroTap G4 Side Touch provides boiling & chilled filtered water instantly, from a robust touch-button tap engineered for industrial & custodial sites. High-strength tapered tap shank base, fastened to an under-bench clamp block.
Zip HydroTap G4 Industrial Top Touch
£3,694.94 inc vat to £3,979.99 inc vat
The HydroTap G4 Top Touch is simple-to-operate top-touch and safety lock delivering boiling and chilled filtered water instantly. Designed specifically for busy industrial sites.
Hyco Microboil Water Boiling Unit
£567.13 inc vat to £841.49 inc vat
an advanced microprocessor controlled solution to the provision of boiling water for hot drinks in the workplace.
Santon Speediboil Water Heater
£1,078.27 inc vat to £1,482.06 inc vat
Designed to provide boiling water for hot drinks, features Interboil technology, which brings the contents of water to boil in response to user demand. FREE SHIPPING
SuperChill 25F Floor Standing Water Dispenser
£1,133.17 inc vat
A thermostatically controlled drinking water dispenser supplied with both a filler tap and water fountain.
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