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Electric Tube Heaters

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110v Tube Heater
£15.23 inc vat to £32.30 inc vat
An aluminium UK made tube heater for 110v supply applications - 60W per foot - 60W to 360W
Slimline Eco Tube Heater with Thermostat
£19.58 inc vat to £32.39 inc vat
An energy efficient background tube heater for around the workplace and home, built in thermostat, 1.5m push-fit cord plug and brackets for floor or wall mounting. 55W to 190W output.
Thermo Products Tubular Heater Heavy Duty Guard
£14.64 inc vat to £55.14 inc vat
Ideal to use in environments in where the very young or elderly are likely to be left unsupervised or where pets have access.
Thermo Products Thermotube Aluminium Tubular Heaters
£16.33 inc vat to £38.64 inc vat
The low cost UK made tube heater solution that provides heat at just ½p per hour, giving you steady background heating - available in either white or parchment 60W to 360W output
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