Smoke - Heat - Gas Alarms

Every year hundreds of people die needlessly in fires in the home, did you know that you are 4 times more likely to die in a fire in the home if there is no working smoke alarm.

The #TestItTuesday campaign runs every week of the year to try an help people remember to test their Smoke, Fire or Gas Alarm as a working alarm could save you in a fire.  Did you know that most fires start when people are cooking and that every 5 days someone dies from a fire started by a cigarette.

But it's not just cooking and smoking that kills, poorly installed or maintained electrics start about 6,000 fires a year and Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning from improperly installed, maintained, or incorrect operation or use of appliances can create unsafe levels of CO which can dramatically increase your risk of exposure.

But with four main types of fire and smoke alarms on the market it can sometimes be hard to choose what is right for the different rooms in your home..  So please take a look out our Fire and Smoke Alarms - which is best? blog or give us a call if you require any further help.
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